Saturday, 3 November 2012



1. Mercury is a closest planet to the sun
2. Since Mercury is closest to the sun its temperature can be over 300  degrees in the daytime
3. Mercury rotates on its axis very slowly , making one full rotation  every 59 Earth days.


1. Venus is the second planet from the sun
2. The size of venus is about the same as that of the Earth.
3. The planet is always covered by a very thick cloud of carbon dioxide and acid vapour.
4. Thus, the temperature of venus is extremely high, even though Venus is twice as far from Sun as Mercury and receives only a quarter as much light.
5. As  a result, the surface temperature can above 450 degrees
6. Venus takes about 225 days to revolve around the Sun
7. Venus rotates on its own axis once every 243 days.
8. Its gravity is the same as that of the Earth.

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